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What is Auxe?

Does Auxe fulfill my installation?

Who are the Auxe technicians?

What locations do you offer TV wall mounting in?

How do I become an Auxe tech?

What if I am unsure if Auxe operates in my area?

What if my question is not listed here?

TV Wall Mounting

How do I arrange for my TV to be wall-mounted?

What if my TV is 61" or larger and I can't help lift my TV?

Do I need to provide my own wall mounts?

Do you do cord concealments?

Smart Device Installation

What smart devices do you install?

What if I am unsure about what needs to be setup/installed with my new smart device?

What if the device installed stops working over time?


How much will it cost?

How do I pay?

Do you accept cash?


How long does the warranty last?

What happens if my mobile device screen/battery can’t be fixed?

What happens if I crack my mobile device screen again or if my device experiences another type of damage unrelated to the repair?


What is covered with my installation?

What happens if there is a problem during or after my installation?

How long am I covered after my installation?

Who is responsible for providing a solution if an issue occurs?

Does Auxe insurance/warranty cover items I purchased separate from Auxe?

What sites can I find Auxe on?

Phone Repairs

Do I need to let the technician into my home?

Do I need to standby while the technician fixes my device or sets up my equipment?

How long will it take to repair my device/install my TV or smart device?

Do you provide a guarantee on phone repairs?

My issue isn’t listed as an option. Can you fix it?