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TV Wall Mounting

How do I arrange for my TV to be wall-mounted?

What if I can't help lift my TV?

Do I need to provide my own wall mounts?

Do you do cord concealments?

What if my question is not listed here?

What locations do you offer TV wall mounting in?

Phone Repairs

How do I arrange a phone or tablet repair?

Who are the Auxe technicians?

Do I need to let the technician into my home?

Do I need to standby while the technician fixes my device or sets up my equipment?

How long will it take to repair my device?

Do you provide a guarantee on repairs?

What kind of devices do you repair?

How do I become an Auxe tech?

What locations does Auxe offer mobile device repair in?


How much will it cost?

How do I pay?

Do you accept cash?


What happens if I crack my screen again or if my device experiences another type of damage unrelated to the repair?

What happens if my device can’t be fixed?