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Auxe Quick Tips #5: Screen Protectors - Plastic vs. Tempered Glass

Auxe Quick Tips #5 : Screen Protectors - Plastic vs. Tempered Glass

Smartphone screens make or break your experience. If you value your device, apply a screen protector to stop scratches and other damage.

Mostly, you will find two types of screen protectors: plastic film and tempered glass.

Plastic protectors are quite cheap. That said, plastic protectors aren’t too sturdy, so they don’t help in case of falls and drops. They are decent for regular scratches, but tempered glass will be much more resilient. 
Plastic film comes in two kinds: wet-apply and dry-apply. Wet-apply offers more resilience.

Tempered glass protectors have become more popular in the last couple of years, especially with a big price drop. Tempered glass protectors offer better resistance against scratches, and more importantly, insulates your screen a bit against drops. Tempered glass also more closely mimics the feel of your actual screen, which makes it much more pleasant to use.

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