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Auxe Quick Tips #6 : Top 5 Smart Home Automation Tips

Auxe Quick Tips #6 : Top 5 Smart Home Automation Tips

This list is made for any beginner or expert. It is important to know some essential information before turning your house into a smart home.

1. Have a Strong Reliable Network:
The foundation of every smart home is a strong and reliable network. Whether it is wireless or wired then you will never be left wondering why your Philips Hue lights aren’t working when you ask Alexa to turn them off.

2. Have Redundancy:
Add multiple ways to control the device. Sometimes you will have that option if the devices you are using also have an app (like Ecobee). Also, do not be afraid of having multiple smart hubs if you feel the need.

3. Watch Your Batteries:
Be aware of the different types of batteries you may need when it comes time to replace them. Some are complex, requiring a flat type of battery that is found in watches, like the CR2032.

4. Compatibly:
Figure out if you want to connect with Alexa, Siri or Google, and make sure the devices that you choose are compatible. There are a lot of devices out there and not all of them are compatible with the smart assistant platform you are using.

5. Start Small and Simple:
When beginning using smart devices, you should start simple with one system such as an Amazon Alexa or smart home lighting. These are the easiest and most functional to implement.

If you decide to follow through with your smart home plans, make sure to give Auxe a call to help with your installations!

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