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Smart Thermostats – The New Solution to Shrink Your Carbon Footprint.

          “We project that smart thermostats could grow from .4 % to 46% of households with internet access by 2050. In this scenario, 704 million homes would have them. Reduced energy use could avoid 2.6 gigatons of carbon dioxide emissions. Return on investment is high: smart thermostats can save their owners $640 billion on utility bills in 2050.”

              -  Project Drawdown


          With technological advancements driving down production costs, the Smart Thermostat has become increasingly popular in households and are only growing in adoption. In this blog, we’re going to explore the key features that make these eco-friendly, energy-saving devices so popular.

          Smart thermostats are internet-connected devices that utilize algorithms and sensors to gather and analyze large amounts of heating and cooling data. Temperature adjustments can still be made up or down both locally (at home) or remotely (via an app), but the smart thermostat remembers temperature choices and adjustments and memorizes energy use routines. This key feature allows you to customize the temperature of your home based on your very own daily routine. For example, if you leave for work in the morning, thermostats can automatically be turned off or be set to a lower temperature that uses less energy. Shortly before your return back home, the thermostat can be pre-set to automatically jump back up to a certain temperature so that your home is at a comfortable temperature when you arrive. There are endless use cases with the remote programmable temperature feature and it allows you to save money on energy costs by only using heat (or AC) when required!

          Some smart thermostats also have built-in machine learning that automatically learn your schedule and adapts to your temperature preferences. They gather temperature data in the first few weeks after installation by either detecting when the house is occupied or asking you to manually adjust your desired temperature. The device then analyzes the data and uses an algorithm to generate your personal energy routines. There are many other features that are offered by Smart Thermostats, such as Day-Light Saving, changing temperatures by utilizing online weather forecasts, and preheating or precooling the household based on your distance from the property. And if you have an Amazon Alexa or Google Home, you can use its voice-activated feature to change your temperature as well! 

         The ability to learn your temperature preferences allows thermostats to be eco-friendly and power-efficient. This not only helps to lower the level of carbon dioxide emissions  – the main cause of global warming, but also saves money by decreasing energy usage. 

The ENERGY STAR Promise 

         Any ENERGY STAR certified thermostat, such as the Google Nest Thermostat for which Auxe is a certified installer for, is tested to meet strict power efficiency standards and they are guaranteed to save at least 8% of annual energy usage. 

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