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What is Wire Concealment?


            Are you tired of living with tangled wires or wires peeking out from your furniture? Luckily, Auxe offers wire concealment with the installation of your TV. There are two ways to hide your wires – internal and external cord concealment. In this blog, we are going to distinguish the difference between them to help you make the best decision for the aesthetic of your home. 


 External Wire Concealment


            A plastic cord cover strip is used for external wire concealment.The cover is drilled into the wall, allowing all loose cords to be bundled together inside. This method is cheaper and easier to install, but the plastic cover is still visible and the ends of the cords will show at the bottom of the cord cover. If you are looking to achieve the clean, completely wireless look for your home, internal wire concealment is the better choice. However, external cord concealment is a good choice for homeowners who want to avoid drilling in the wall, or unable to install internal cord concealment because of a fireplace. 



Internal Wire Concealment


            Internal wire concealment is highly recommended and is the best solution to keep all your cords hidden and organized. It is more expensive than external wire concealment due to the tedious installation process. This procedure usually takes place before the installation of your TV, but can also be done for a TV that is already installed by temporarily removing the TV from its mount.. In order to run the wires behind the wall, two vertically aligned holes will need to be cut out in the wall. The first hole needs to be cut inside of the already mounted bracket and the second hole is cut right above the outlet. After installing a gang plate piece to cover the second hole, the wires will then be pulled through the holes behind the wall and connected to a power source. This step might sound easy but if it is not done professionally, the household may be exposed to an inflow of dust and cold air during the winter time. Regardless of the complex installation procedure, the internal wire concealment definitely improves the neat and wireless look of your living room. Without knowing, your guests might even think you have a wireless home theatre system instead of a flatscreen TV! 



            Did this blog help you to make a decision for your own cord concealment? Get your free quote today or book an installation using promo code “SUMMER10” for 10% off your purchase, and achieve the perfect modern look for your home! Let us know if you have more questions by sending us an email at