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TV Mounting Pricing

TV MountingĀ Pricing

Auxe offers same day, on demand services. We will mount any brand of TV! We can install a TV with a mount you have already purchased or we can provide the mount for you!

TV Mounting Prices:

Up to 31": $69.50

32" - 60": $89.50

61" - 80": $99.50

Over 81": $129.50

TV Wall Mount Prices:

Fixed TV Wall Mount: $70.00

Tilting TV Wall Mount: $80.00

Full Motion TV Wall Mount: $90.00

Other TV Mounting Services:

Basic Cord Concealment: All Cords Hidden (Detached Home Only): $79.00

Standard Internal Concealment: Follows Electrical Safety Code (Includes 1 Fireproof HDMI): $99.00

Electrical Work (Movement of Electrical Outlet): $120.00 - $200.00

External Cord Concealment (Hidden Outside Wall): $59.00

Wires Fed Through Existing Wall Channel: $25.00

Above Fireplace Installation: $25.00

Sound Bar Installation: $49.00

Sound Bar Mount: $50.00

Wall Shelf Installation: $35.00

Surround Sound Installation (Up to 3 Speakers): $105.00

Surround Sound Installation (More Than 3 Speakers): $175.00

Electrical Fireplace Installation: $79.00

Devices Installed Behind TV: $25.00 (per Device)

Devices Setup By Technician: $20.00 (per Device)

HDMI Cable: $15.00

Fire-Resistant HDMI Cable: $30.00

Taking a TV Down: $45.00

Second Technician Cost: $49.00

Additional Charges For Wall Types:

Drywall with metal Beams (Standard Apartment Building): $10.00

Brick/Concrete: $20.00

Tile: $30.00

Stone: $35.00

If there is an installation service not listed that you wish Auxe to complete for you please give us a call atĀ (647) 977-9707 to get a free quote!